Thursday, 6 March 2014


So many times, people have asked me what is the best browsing plan to use. So, here I will be sharing the four best data plans available.
Please note the arrangement is based on my personal thought. So I made the best options available so that everyone can choose the best plan suitable for him/her. Each person is therefore advised to go through every option listed here and make a personal decision because it is said that 'a man's food is another man's poison'. For example, I used the airtel bis before but now move to glo bis whereas a friend of mine, Samuel Adeniyi the CEO of techyan and meetsamuel prefers the mtn night plan.

Listed below are the options availabled as at today March 6, 2014.

1.) GLO BIS plan: Glo blackberry plan offers 3gb for just #1000. But this only works on computer when connected with a blackberry phone. So this plan is not meant for everyone but for those who have blackberry phones. Android users, please back off  because it doesn't work on android devices.
Read my earlier post to learn more about the glo bis

2.) MTN Night plan: This plan is the favourite of my good friend, Samuel Adeniyi. This plan costs #2500 and offers 3gb + extra 1.5gb. This plan is meant for night browsing, however the free 1.5gb can be used to browse during the day. The demerit about this plan is that when browsing at first whethet during the day or night, it is the free 1.5gb dat will be deducted; hence when the extra 1.5gb is exhausted, you will only be able to browse with the main 3gb during the night.
Note: The techyan guru however discovered a way to use the 3gb to browse during the day after exhausting the free 1.5gb. Read his post here.
Read my earlier post to learn more about the plan.

3.) Airtel BIS: My favourite sometime ago before the glo bis surfaced, though I am still giving it a thought because of my android. This plan offers 2gb for #1500. The disadvantage of this plan is that Airtel network is based on the area where you reside. The network is fast in some areas while slow in another area.
Learn more here

4.) Glo 'MyPhone' package: This is the newest of all the plans. This is officially from glo mobile. This plan offers 1.6gb for #2000. The data was supposed to  be 800mb but glo doubled it to 1.6gb without increasing the amount.
Read my earlier post here to learn more.

Below is a summary of the plans:
1.) Glo bis
Price: 3gb for #1000 (1gb = #334
Platform: works on computer alone when connected with a blackberry phone
2.) MTN night plan
Price: 4.5gb for #2500 (1gb = #556)
Platform: works on computer, android and ios  but not on blackberry
3.) Airtel BIS
Price: 2gb for #1500 (1gb = #500)
Platform: works on computer, android, ios and blackberry
4.) Glo 'MyPhone' package
Price: 1.6gb for #2000 (1gb = #1250)
Platform: works on computer, android, ios but not on blackberry

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The ball is in your court, so choose the most suitable plan for you based on platform and price.

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