Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Sorry, cheat has been blocked
'Empty Hen' is at it again. They just won't stop amazing people, yet they claim to be the most secure network (though some agree to that). This time, you can browse on your computer or android or ios devices for free (though you need to pay #1000 monthly to a third-party application to grant you access)

I know you are ready for the full gist.
Okay, let me forget stories and go straight to the matter.

1. Go to tweakware vpn website and signup for an account. Click here to signup.
2. Get a premium account on your username. This is very important. Contact me on 08130323710 to upgrade your account to premium.
#1000 by bank deposit and #1500 by recharge card.
Please, I prefer bank payment or wire transfer to my account because recharge cards do not generate money.
Send your username to me on my mobile number 08130323710. No need to send your password except in some circumstances when I have to work on or test your account.

A client asked me if he could test-run it to check if it would work for him before upgrading his account. Well, you can't use this trick to browse without upgrading your account. But if you insist on test-running, I would tell you to signup and confirm your account. Next, follow the remaining steps outlined in this tutorial. When connecting, click 'View Log Messages'; if the connection get terminated after some time and the log message ends with 'Authentication Failed', then it will work.
But in the true sense of it, none of my clients has ever complained of it not working for him/her. I hear the same testimony from all of them that the speed is superb.

3. Download the latest version 4.0 of tweakware here and unzip/extract from the zipped folder. The vpn won't work without unzipping after downloading. And please, contents of the extracted folder MUST be in the same folder. To be sure you properly extract, right-click on the downloaded folder and select 'Extract All'. The content contains the tweakware vpn software and its config files as shown in this pix:

Note: You need to have .net framework on your computer before it will work. If your computer demands for  it, simply download it and install it. Do not be afraid when installing the framework as your computer will restart during installation.

Click here to download both framework and tweakware vpn software.
                                       Tweakware vpn - 2mb
                                        .Net Framework - 48mb
4.) Last of all, create a new profile on your modem's settings ar edit the previous one if it is editable, and set it to the following:
             Profile name: Tweakware free browsing (or any other name you prefer)
             APN: web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
            Dial number: *99#
            Username: (leave it blank)
            Password: (leave it blank)

                          How to use Tweakware VPN
1.) Run the tweakware vpn application by double clicking on it
NB: On the first run, it will request to install TUN/TAP drivers. Please, click 'yes' to install it.
It will open a black page (DOS command prompt window).
Please, be patient while the drivers are installing and wait till the process is complete. When the installation is complete, the DOS window will notify you to 'Press any key to continue'.
Now, press any key on your keyboard and proceed to the next step.

2.) On the main page, enter your username and password of your tweakware vpn account. Note that you must have confirmed your account on your email.
You can select any server you want to connect to.

2.Click 'Tools' and select "MTN TCP 1' and click 'Apply Template'

3. Go back to the main page and click 'connect'. You will need to wait a while to make the connection successful. The reason is beause out of the three connection protocols (UDP, ICMP and TCP) available, TCP requires the longest process and sometimes selects location.  You can select any server you want to connect through if a server is congested. There are over 20 servers to select from.

After the connection is successful, start browsing till mama calls.

08130323710       PIN: 7C8F6CDA

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