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Please, also read an update to this post here after following the steps stated here on this post.

All thanks to a colleague, tolex baba @ surgical dept.  aka bad sumtin. You can now get #1,000 free airtime every weekend which you can use to call ANY network and can even be shared with loved ones. See the pix below as evidence:

ALL you need to do is download an application, sign up for an account and answer some test questions on any subject of your choice either O’level or JAMB questions. Each correct answer carries some points which will later be converted into  #1,000 airtime. So, another topic that can be given to this topic is ‘convert your knowledge into free airtime’.  Relax, you don’t need to be a guru to earn enough points; you can adopt a method used by another colleague, Shoscky aka nonsense boy. I know that is what comes to the mind of 80% of people. Just google search to get the answers.
NB: I have only tested this airtime on MTN, so I can’t ascertain whether you will get it on other network as others that have tested it also use MTN network.
Okay, back to the matter,
1.)download   an app called ‘gidimo’ powered by Diamond bank and gidi app. This app is available on blackberry and android but I don’t know if the java and symbian version is available. Perhaps I will have to research that and get back to you. Blackberry users should visit their appworld and android users should search from their playstore. Other users can google search to get the one compatible with their phone models.

2.)    Open the app and sign up an account with them. Please, use your real phone number because that is the number that will be credited with the airtime. You will also need to enter your email address.
3.)    Open your email account and look for the message sent to you from the team. Click on the link sent to your email to confirm your account.
4.)    Open the app again and sign in using the details you used in signing up. Of course, what I find annoying about the app is the need to enter my details each time I have to log in.
5.)    Click on ‘gidi prep’. Next, click on ‘diamond prep challenge’.
NB:  This is not the only section where you can earn points. But that is only section I have tested and confirmed working.
6.)    Select ‘JAMB’ or ‘O’level’ depending on your choice. Next, select your favourite subject.
7.)    Select any category of your choice and start answering questions.

8.)    Score at least 1,000 points. Relax, you will get more than enough points even on a single subject. I scored 3000+ points in O’level English Language ALONE.

NB:  You are advised to score the points from Sunday – Friday because those who just scored the 1000 points at Saturday night were not credited until the next week.  Also, do not score excessive points above 1000 points as this is a waste of resources which I learnt the hard way.  I had 2000+ points and was given same #1,000 as someone who had 1024 points. You can score 1,000 points this week and reserve the rest points till next week.

Your points will be reset by 11.59pm Saturday night and the airtime credited to your line by Sunday evening.

That is it pals.
To get more info, you can contact tolex, as he can explain better being the one who introduced it to me, on:
08132415471    BBM PIN: 28327E84

Contact gidimoo support at:

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