Saturday, 8 November 2014


This is ONLY for glo subscribers.  Yesterday, I got extra #3,000 as bonus on my #1,000 I recharged for glo bis. You get double of your recharge as bonus airtime while you still keep the value of airtime loaded to yourself
i.e. load #100 and get #200 as bonus while that #100 still remains in your main account ( a total of #300) to flex with. This is not a cheat; it is official from glo and has been around for some months now.
Sorry if you have missed so much just like me. I got to know about it few days ago and confirmed it yesterday. Whereas, the friend who introduced it to me has been using it for some months now. In fact, I have regrets over what I have been missing because I recharge #1,000 for glo bis twice in a month. Now calculate the total amount of bonus airtime I have missed since then.
Ok, let us leave stories and go straight to the matter:
Step 1: First migrate to glo bumpa plan
Dial *100*10*1# to migrate
Step 2: Now recharge your sim with airtime to get the bonus.
Dial #122*2# to check your bonus
Dial #124*1# to check your main balance untouched

However, what I can't confirm is if the bonus has expiry time; but I do not think there will be expiry time because if it were so, we would have been told.

Note: Call rate on this tariff plan is 50k per seconds (#30 per minute), hence it will be good for those who subscribe regularly and basically use their glo sim to browse just like me. You will still subscribe and get to use the bonus for calls.  If your glo sim is mainly for calls, you might not benefit in the long run due to the call rate.

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