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Oh my GOD! I have not posted this tutorial after a long time. It was in my draft box. I thought I had published it not knowing it was kept in my draft box.

Prior to my earlier post on  how to get 4.5gb on MTN for just #2500, I stated there that it a big risk which many would agree with me because MTN (empty hen) is not that friendly to allow that trick go on for a long time.
As at the time I drafted this post, the trick was workin; but as at today, MTN has stopped it. So, it is the free 1.5gb that browses during the day while the main 3gb only works at night as it was meant to be.
Moreover, I learnt MTN network which used to be the best some times ago now messes up in some areas. A friend of mine, who is a web master and owner of trueinternet blog, says MTN network is not okay in his area and he is considering opting in for airtel or etisalat browsing.

I have been using this trick before I joined the train of MTN night plan users and I still use it after MTN blocked the night plan from going through during the day.

Okay, here we will consider how to use airtel bis which can browse on pc, phones, tablets etc. Many may wonder why browsing with bis is worth announcing. Well, the truth is these network  operators only favour blackberry users and cheat other data users. Browsing with blackberry subscription is damn cheaper than browsing on pc or phone in terms of data allocated. For example, N100 can get you 80mb on blackberry whereas that same N100 on phone is just 10mb. Can you see the wide difference?

Now  getting down to business, the trick only involves two steps viz:

Step 1: Subscribe for a blackberry plan
Airtel has 3 categories of blackberry subscription viz: complete, social and unlimited.
I would advise you to go for the unlimited plan. It is not indeed unlimited in data allocation but it is cheaper than the rest two plans.
Plan                       To Subscribe                                                      Price                                      Data
Daily                      send BBUD to 440                                            #100                                      80mb
Weekly                details unknown. sorry for that
Monthly              dial *440*16#                                                    #1500(prev. 1400)            2gb
Note: Some people use BBUD2 for the daily plan at same #100 but I do not know the data allocation. Also, rumours have it that you can get 4gb for #1500 but it didn't work for me when I tried it, moreover I have never met anyone one-on-one who can confirm if it was true. But if you want to give it a trial, dial *440*161#.
Step2: Subscribe for normal data plan
Before now, having done the above procedure in step 1, you are good to start browsing; but the trick was blocked and guys discovered that you have to perform this step.
Now, to power your blackberry subscription, you need to subscribe for the normal daily data. It is 12mb for #100. To do that:
dial *141*13*10#
After that, continue browsing and enjoy your life but browse with caution because it is not unlimited as claimed by Airtel.

To check your remaining balance, dial *141*712*0# or *123#

Note: Airtel service sometimes fucks up.Sometimes it doesn't browse despite having surplus mb on your sim and at other times, it is slow.
08130323710        PIN: 7C8F6CDA

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