Monday, 3 March 2014


Hooray! This is good news to computer users as glo bis has been confirmed working on computer ALONE.
I have been using this trick for three weeks now. I just thought of posting it all this while, probably because I am a lazy bone.
Okay, back to the matter. How is this possible?
Please, as I mentioned earlier, this only works on computer but not on any other devices such as android etc. Also, you need a blackberry phone. If you don't have a blackberry,
then this post might not be useful to you unless you have someone who can let you use their blackberry phone for a while.
All you need are:
1.) Your computer
2.) A blackberry phone
3.) Blackberry Desktop Manager version 6 installed on your computer; and
4.) USB data cable
NB: (1) Please note that you need version 6 of the Desktop Manager because the version 7 is confirmed not        working.
      (2.) Also, make sure the USB cable you use is data enabled because there are two types of cables. One       is meant ONLY to charge while the other is designed to be data enabled and also do the charging.

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Having all these in place, follow the steps below:
1.) Connect your blackberry phone to your computer using the cable.
2.) Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager version 6
3.) Click 'Options' and click 'Mobile Internet Settings...' and enter the following settings
      Click 'Add Custom Profile'
      Profile Name: GLO BIS (or any other name you will easily remember)
      Username: (leave it blank)
      Password: (leave it blank)
     Access point:
     Additional commands: (leave it blank)
Click 'Ok'

4.) Click 'Options' again and click 'Start Mobile Internet'. Wait till it connects. Then enjoying browsing.

NB: The disadvantage of this package is that data is consumed at an alarming by the desktop manager.

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