Friday, 7 August 2015


Hooray!!!! After the bis plan has been blocked from working on PC and android by MTN-Nigeria for a while now. Guys have come out with another hot blazing tweak where you browse completely unlimited in place the bis plan for just #1,000 monthly or #350 weekly or #70 daily.

This tweak has been on for some months now but only the daily plan is being advertised on blogs. I then decided to risk the weekly before going for the monthly plan. 

I have tested and confirmed both the daily and weekly plans working. I just started testing the monthly plan but I have the feeling it will work unlimited for a month; because 'empty hen' sent me messages that I have exhausted my data whereas I still browse and even use it in composing this post.

So without wasting time, let us get down to business. 

Step 1:
Download simple server application from this link here. Pls don't forget to extract the folder after downloading.
Step 2:
Please pay serious attention here. I have often burned my money myself because I was careless with this step.
Next, configure your browser(s) to enable them connect via proxy.  This step is very important else you kiss your money goodbye. Don't say you were not warned.
I have made earlier posts on how to configure browsers, however I prefer you use Mozilla Firefox because of its simple configuration steps. 

But if you will still like to go for your beloved old browser(s), then click any of the links below that matches your preferred browser

In case your browser isn't listed, just check all the links above to have an idea. Experience tells me browsers are configured same way.

Step 3:
Subscribe the plan you wish. You can first try out the daily plan before going for the bigger plans just like I did. Below are the codes to subscribe:
Daily for #70 - Dial *123*3*6*3*7*3#
Weekly at #350 - Dial *123*3*6*3*7*2#
Monthly at #1,500 - Dial *123*3*6*3*7*1#

Step 4:
To play safe,  first run the simple server by double-clicking on the '.exe' file (not the '.ini' file oooooo). It will open a black page with some texts written on it, when it shows 'ready'.

Then connect your modem to your computer using the default mtn configuration.If it is not browsing, disconnect and re-connect your modem.

You can now browse till mama calls. :-) 
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