Friday, 6 December 2013


Sorry, cheat has expired

I bring good tidings to computer and android users as etisalat bis now works on pc and android. The reason this is a good news is that the bis plan of any network is damn cheaper than mere subscription.
All thanks to Adeniyi Samuel, the CEO of Techyan blog (formerly TrueInternetWorld blog). He gave me the details and I tried it out. Now confirmed working.

The tweak is actually a copy of the airtel bis plan. Check my earlier post on using airtel bis plan. But this is better than the airtel bis plan because etisalat network is far better than airtel network; also etisalat gives more data than airtel bis. For example, here you can get 3gb for just #1,100 on etisalat bis monthly plan; while the airtel monthly bis plan gets you 2.02gb for #1600.

Please, first disable ALL  auto-renewals on your sim before trying it out to avoid wasting your money.

Now to get the tweak done, here are three simpl steps to follow:

Step 1: First subscribe for any blackberry subscription of your choice
           Daily         dial *499*3*2#  for 100 Naira or
           Weekly     dial *499*3*1#  for 500 Naira or
           Monthly   dial *499*3#     for 1000 Naira
Wait for confirmation sms before proceeding.

Step 2: Next subscribe for daily bb10 plan for just #100. It is 15mb
           dial *599*3*2#

It is this bb10 daily plan that will power your subscription. This plan was actually meant to work only on BB Q10, BB Z10 and the rest. But, it is a powerful tool for us here.

Step 3: Finally, edit or add a new profile to your modem network settings or on your android as follows:
           Dial Number: *99#  (available on modem only)
Other fields can be left blank.
Note the 'x' after 'blackberry' in the APN name.
Click here to know how to create new APN on android

Chikena! Start browsing till mama calls. But be very careful because it is not unlimited.
Dial *228# to know your data balance.

Claimer/Disclaimer: If you are familiar with cheats in Nigeria, you will know that they do not last long especially that of MTN. Etisalat may block this bis stuff from working in the nearest future and I won't be held responsible for any loss suffered by anyone. But, I think this stuff will last for long if not for ever because before now airtel bis has been working on pc and android for over a year now. Later, airtel notified her customers that the tweak will be blocked; but changed their mind and let it continue working. Rumours had it that it was 'empty hen' and etisalat that filed a petition against airtel for unfair competition. But today, glo and etisalat has joined the wagon of airtel
08130323710    BB PIN: 7C8F6CDA


Samuel Adeniyi said...

Change this your pics o. Haba! lol. Thanks for the wonderful information buddy. Thumbs UP!

Jonathan Ismaila said...

hey buddy! wow! you are the first person to ever comment on my blog after 3 months I set it up. Thanks man.
But wait, what is wrong with the pix?

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