Thursday, 14 August 2014


Few days after I made a post in this blog post on how to get free #1,000 airtime every weekend through gidimo app powered by Diamond bank and gidi app, there was a significant and important update on the app. Relax, it is nothing much. I guess the owners of the app had to do something because more people were getting this airtime on a large scale. If you ever heard 'there is no free lunch', then we have just experienced it. NOBODY even Dangote likes to lose money.

The updates are:
1.) Use REAL names. Avoid nick names to get rewarded. Those who use nick names stand a chance to forfeit their earnings. Hence, you are advised to update your profile if you had used nicknames in signing up.

2.) Your phone number MUST be verified. The sim card of the number must be inserted into the phone where the app is installed. You only need to do this the first time you open the app. Once it is verified, you can remove the sim card anytime you want. 
Hence, you are advised to subscribe on the simcard but you may not need this if your phone is dual sim especially android users.

Also, you must click on the link sent to your email to activate your account.

3.) You are to maintain one account for one device. You can't open two accounts and use them on the same phone. This is because some people might try to manipulate the gidi app.I trust Nigerians with their cunny methods.
However, I opened two accounts ;-) but use them on different phones (blackberry and android) with different emails but same phone numbers. I will let you know the outcome of what happens next. However, the mistake I made is I should have used another phone number for the second account.

4.) ONLY top 2,500 contestants with a minimum of 1,000 points get rewarded unlike before when every Dick and Harry gets rewarded. Therefore you are advised not to stop at 1000 points since there are more people and the competition is getting stiffer.
To see the list of the top 2,500 winners, visit the official website here. You can check your progress from Wednesday-Sunday.

5.) There is a time limit of 1 minute on each question even if you are answering mathematics question with calculations. This is to prevent people from cheating the system while using to search the answers.

6.) You can ONLY score a maximum point of 200 points on each subject per week. However, Jamb English Language is considered different from O'level English Language. Whereas one can score 1000 points on a single subject per day earlier before now.

Points are refreshed by 11.59pm Saturday midnight and rewards are given on Sunday evening.

Read from the official website here

In conclusion: I would advise everyone to make good use of this app as the period would expire soon. It wasn't meant to last forever in the first place. The competition is now 10 weeks old and it is becoming stiffer day by day.

Wish you good luck.

For more info, you can contact gidimo on:,

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