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Wow! I have good news again for MTN-Nigeria subscribers. If you are tired of paying heavily for just a little MB awarded to you, then this is for you. If you however think you are contented with your current subscription plan, I would advise you to consider this an option because there is no other plan than pays more than what I am about to reveal right now except you use glo bis to browse on your computer and glo network is good in your area too.

Another good news I have is: this tweak browses and downloads unlimited. Check my post on how to browse unlimited on MTN network
I have tested this tweak over the period of three days and I have confirmed it working fine. Also, the speed is super fast.

However, this is not a new cheat nor tweak. It has been out since late October last year 2014 but I never joined the train because I thought our dear MTN won't leave it long enough for it to last and might not be worth trying at all. If you are familiar with MTN cheats, you would understand what I mean. Well, I missed a lot though not much because I have been using glo bis to browse on my computer for a very long time now; but I still miss a little because glo network isn't cool in my area and there are days I don't go online despite being a heavy user of the internet.

ok, stories aside. How can we go about it?

First and foremost, you need to download this folder located here. Relax, don't be scared of the word 'download', the size of the folder is just 1.1mb which shouldn't be a big deal. It is a zipped folder.
After downloading, please, be sure to extract the folder and save the extracted folder to a location you easily have access to.

Step 1: Subscribe to ANY of MTN-Nigeria's blackberry plan of your choice. You can try out with the daily plan before making a big commitment with the monthly plan.
To subscribe:
                      Daily Plan: Send BBCDAY to 21600 (costs #100)
                                          Send BBDAY to 21600 (costs #120)

                    Monthly Plan: Send BBC  to 21600 (costs #1,000)
                                                Send BIS to 21600 (costs #1,200)

Please, note that I have only tested for BBCDAY and BBC monthly plan.

Step 2: Connect your MTN sim to the internet on your computer either through modem or blackberry desktop manager ( I have tried both methods and confirmed them working). Use their default APN i.e. ''
If you use MTN's customised modem, you need not worry about changing the APN because it comes pre-configured on the modem, but if you use blackberry desktop manager or a hacked modem, then you need to configure the settings yourself and use the APN ''

Step 3: When your MTN sim is connected, run the 'XT181.exe' file located in the extracted folder. Please, note that you have to extract the folder you downloaded earlier on first ELSE it won't work.
This is the link to the download page in case you missed it above.
Then click 'Listen' on the portable proxy X-T181 you just opened.

Step 4: Next we need to change the proxy settings of our browser. Now this is where the REAL work lies because how to go about configuration differs from browser to browser, and a version of a browser can differ from another version of the same browser; though we will use the same settings at the end of it all.

We will change the proxy settings to '' and the port to '8080'

However, I will share some posts with you on how to configure some versions of browsers I have access to. Just click the name of the browser you wish to know of the configurations below:
Opera Web Browser
Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Flock Web Browser

After carrying out the above tasks, you can continue browsing on your PC till mama calls.

Now a big question is:

Well, the answer is this tweak can work for other apps installed on your computer provided the application allows you to change the proxy settings. I have tried it on Skype and another application which allow users to change their proxy settings; however, other apps which the proxy settings can't be changed couldn't connect to the internet. 
Hence, you might not be able to use this tweak to update the antivirus program installed on your computer except of course the antivirus allows you to change its proxy settings to connect to the internet.

Good luck!!!

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