Saturday, 29 November 2014


I actually came across this error message a few days back while i was trying to install a POS printer; and I felt like sharing.

While performing any operation on Windows, some errors are bound to occur or some error messages are bound to pop up. However, majority of the errors are not described in easy to understand English terms for the average Joe. Instead, each error has a code which can be confusing to even the geeks.

Today, we will focus on Error '0xc0000135'

Now stories apart and down to the matter; how do we fix this error and what is the cause?

1.) This error normally occur during installation of hardware. One of the cause of this error is incomplete required components needed before installation can proceed or to make your new hardware function properly. The required component is 'Microsoft .Net framework' or 'Windows Driver Installer'
2.) Corrupt Windows Registry

1.) The solution is to install Microsoft .Net Framework. The version to install will depend heavily on the version required for the installation but it is  preferrably version 3.5 for Wnidows XP and Vista; or version 4.0 for Windows 7 and above. But, you can still use version 3.5 on Windows 7 and higher versions. However, in some cases, you might first neeed to install version 2.0 before upgrading to version 3.5

click here to download .Net framework of your choice from the official Microsoft website.

If there is a need to install Microsoft Driver Installer, download it here

(2.) If you still encounter this error after performing the above steps, then you have to reinstall your Windows because your computer's registry is already corrupt. You might wonder why I didn't ask you to use a registry cleaner. Well, true to the matter, there are several registry cleaner software on the internet BUT 90% of them are junks. Most of them are just mere worthless adwares. So the ONLY sure way is to reinstall Windows on your computer.

Of course, you are advised to first backup your important files before re installing the Windows.

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