Saturday, 8 November 2014


Sorry I had to start off by laughing but having the thought of N10 recharge card been produced by MTN is just hilarious.

MTN Nigeria says as from Friday(been today), subscribers will have the opportunity to recharge their phones with as low as N10 (Ten Naira). Now, this sorta brings me back to the days of airtel N50 recharge.

Please be sincere with yourself, when was the last time you bought an airtel N50 recharge card? Now, just before you go thinking that this news is just some sort of speculation, Bayo Adekanmbi who happens to be the chief marketing officer of MTN, revealed this in a statement on Thursday.

MTN 10 naira recharged card

According to the statement issued by Bayo, this initiative is going to be launched first in Kano and the initiative is to ensure that no Nigerian is exempted from the values that the network offer. Talking about value, when was the last time MTN gave something that can utter-mostly be described as Value?

It’s really a month of surprises; as MTN had called it on the first of November and the N10 recharge option from MTN is really surprising. Imagine that moment you walk into a recharge card buying outlet only to request for N10 (Ten naira recharge card) LOL.

I wonder if the network is scared of giving out really cheap internet data plans or perhaps, reducing the cost of data subscription or cost of phone calls to a minimal. Based on my speculation, even the most cheapest call tariff plan on MTN cost over N10 for a minute. So what’s the essence of the N10 recharge card option?

Well, let’s wait and watch what becomes of the N10 (Ten naira recharge) option MTN Nigeria is unfolding.

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