Saturday, 14 May 2016


Please get settled and do not disturb my class. Today we will learn how to get 3gb of data from Airtel for just the price of #1,000. Please be aware that this plan requires we tweak and change our imei number because this plan is a blackberry plan.

Please note that changing imei is illegal in some countries. Hence, I won't be held responsible for anything of any sort.

This tutorial requires 3 simple basic steps viz:

1.)  Tweak an IMEI
You need to tweak a bb10 phone imei. What I mean is we need to generate an imei meant for blackberry 10 devices e.g. Q5, Q10, Z30 etc.
Relax, I will provide some imei to use. Tweak any of the following imei below:

You are to get the remaining 3 numbers left. Please note that you can't just add any number you like at random. Also you are just to use one number
Check my tutorial on how to tweak/validate imei.

2.) Change your android phone's previous imei
After tweaking the imei, you need to change your phone's imei. This is actually to fool our network provider that we use bb10 phone whereas we use android phones.
Check my tutorial on how to change all android phone's imei. It works for both mtk and non-mtk phones

3.) Connect and browse till you are tired because this requires no special configuration. Just use their normal APN (  or WITHOUT ANY PROXY

Question: How can I use this on my computer?
Answer: Just connect and use your phone as hotspot or use usb tethering

Any other question?
In the absence of any question, let us dismiss the class.

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