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There are many reasons you might want to tweak an imei e.g. you might want to enjoy some benefits such as using the cheap blackberry plan of  Glo NG or the new Airtel NG bis plan on your android phone or you wish to enjoy some special promos meant for users of  a particular phone brand.

For example, in my tutorial on how to ue Airtel's blackberry plan, we were to tweak and use some imei.

Imei is a unique 15-digit number assigned to a phone. However, imei number combination are not just a set of numbers. They follow a particular pattern/rule. Hence, using just any combination of numbers won't work.

Now down to business,
I will introduce two ways to perform our task. We will make use of two websites to do that.

This website is the oldest I have known. It will automatically calculate the corret digit.
                  HOW TO USE
Open your browser and visit their website:
Type the first 14 digits of the imei, then the website automatically calculates the correct last digit.
See the below pix for details:

Hence, from the above pix,  the full imei is: 123456789012347.
Please note that the above imei is just an example. Do not use it.

However, if you are having problems with using this website on your mobile phone's browser, use the second website below:

This website helps you to verify if an imei number you entered is correct based on the rule used to buid imei numbers. Visit their website on
                HOW TO USE
Enter ALL the 15 digits of the imei you intend using. Then click 'Validate Imei'. If the number you entered is correct, it will tell you or suggest the correct imei number to use.

See the pix below for clarification:

Please note that the above imei is just an example. Do not use it.

After tweaking your imei, you need to change your android phone's imei. Check this tutorial on how to change imei of all android phone's imei.

That is the end of today's lesson. Class dismissed.

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