Monday, 15 February 2016


Yes, you read right and your eyes are not deceiving you. Do you know you can actually get free 150mb weekly which you can use on your computer and android devices from our dear MTN network?

Well, This may not be new to some people as this tweak has been out for a long time now. In fact , when it started, you could get the free 150mb as many times as possible in a day until our dear MTN decided to cap it to 150mb weekly.

First, let me introduce the plan to you so you know what we are into. This plan is meant for MusicApp from MTN but we have to tweak it for our use.

Now down to business.

Subscribe for the weekly MusicApp data plan. To subscribe: Text 'D' to 5900. You will receive a text message notifying you that the subscription is successful and 0.00 has been deducted from your account.
Dial *559*2#  to confirm if you have been rewarded with the 150mb.

You can re-subscribe for the service after 7 days and continue enjoying free browsing.

To Re-subscribe:
Text Cancel7d to 5900 to cancel the first subscription.
Then, text D to 5900 re-subscribe

NB: PLEASE be aware that you are advised to cancel your subcription before 7 days if you have #300 or above on your sim. This is to avoid #300 from being deducted from your account for autorenewal after 7 days of subscription.

Next is to learn how to use this plan on our computer and/or android device.

To cut this post short, I have decided to split the tutorials in order not to make it cumbersome. Click the following links to see the next tutorials:

How to use free 150mb with Simple Server on PC
How to use free 150mb with Simple Server on Android devices
How to use free 150mb with Psiphon Proxy on Android devices

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