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Network operators in Nigeria have been partial for a very long time now as regards their data plans in the sense that they only favour blackberry phone users. Data plans on blackberry devices had been much cheaper in time past,  however the huge margin is getting closed up.
Below is a summary of cheap data plans available to other platform other than blackberry, arranged according to networks.
Hence, you are to choose the one you feel comfortable with according to network service in your location and cost wise.

a.) Unlimited Browsing
This tweak lets you browse unlimited on your computer or android for just #70 daily or #350 weekly or #1,000 monthly.
Click here to see the post where I explained how to do that.

b.) 2015mb (2gb) for #2,015
This plan is known as 'Better me plan'. You get 2,015mb for the cost of #2,015.
To subscribe: Text SPB to 131
To check data balance: Text 2 to 131

c.) 4.5gb (1. 5gb at daytime + 3gb at night) for #2,500
This plan primarily gives you 1.5gb to browse during the day and 3gb to browse during the night
To Subscribe:  Text 120 to 131
To check data balance: Text 2 to 131

Note : This plan is different from the night plan. This plan only touches the 1.5gb during the day and switches to the 3gb at night unlike the night plan which first sucks your 1.5gb no matter the time of day you are browsing before bouncing on the 3gb.

d.) 50mb for #100.
Dial *113# to subscribe

e.) Data Resellers
There are people who buy data in bulk from Mtn and resell to others at cheap price. You can get 1gb for #1,200.
I have a friend of mine who does that. You can contact him on  07060565920 or 08107212410. His name is Amber.
Tell him you are from Ismaila Jonathan and you could get discount.

There are just plans available for this network operator viz:
a.) 1gb for #1,000. Just dial *229*2*7#
b.) 2gb for #2,000. Dial *229*2*8# to subscribe
To check data balance: dial *228#

Note: Please note that anyone can subscribe the 2gb plan whereas only subscribers who got text message from Etisalat is qualified to subscribe for the 1gb plan.

Airtel Nigeria

Android and PC users have always enjoyed her blackberry plan on their devices before they introduced the Android plans. In fact, this plan was once Nigerian Internet users' favourite.

a. Blackberry plan 3gb for #1,500 (can also work on other devices)

This plan was once Nigerians' favourite formally at 2gb data allocated until changed to 3gb two weeks ago.
To subscribe: dial *440*16#
To check balance: dial *123*9# or *141*712*0#
b. Android plans (can also work on computer and other devices)
i. 4gb at #2,000 valid for 30 days. Dial *437*1#
ii. 9gb at #3,500 valid for 60 days. Dial *438*1#

To check balance: Dial *223#

Glo Nigeria

My favourite before heading for MTN Unlimited.
There are two plans available on this network viz:

a. General (4.5gb for #2,500)
This one is free and direct without tweaking of any sort on all platforms except lower blackberry versions. What I meant by bb lower versions?! Still coming to that.
Dial *127*58# to subscribe.
b. Blackberry BIS plan (3gb for #1,000).
Please permit me to split this into different sections.
i. On Android Devices
Some people have been enjoying this bis plan on their android phones including myself, and I have also done it for several others. However, the disadvantage of this is that ONLY android devices with mtk processors can be configured to use this tweak.
Click here to learn how to do that.
ii. On BB10 devices
What I mean by bb10 devices are the newer versions of blackberry phones which use blackberry 10 OS e.g Q5, Q10, z10, passport etc.
With this plan on your bb10 phone, you can connect other devices through hotspot and wifi and share the internet connection.

There you have it guys, you are free to choose what suits you.


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