Friday, 7 August 2015


Welcome here. You are at the right place. You came late though because we have been expecting you ever since.
But please before you stay any longer, please be aware that this post is only useful to you if your phone's processor is mtk built else you are here for fun.
Today, there won't be stories. We will go down to the subject matter.
First back up your old imei. Dial *#06# and write the imei down on a somewhere safe just in case you need it later on.
Configuring your Android phone to use glo bis comprises 3 easy steps viz:
1.) Generate a blackberry imei number.
Read how to generate blackberry imei

2.) Change your android phone's imei number to that of blackberry imei which you generated earlier.
Read:  how to change android imei

3.) Configure the Access Point on your android.The process might be different on your phone but a little playaround on your phone's settings will put you on track.
To configure the access point, follow these steps below:
a. Go to 'Settings' - More - Mobile Networks - Access Point Names
b. Click on the particular sim slot you want to configure the new APN into.
Note: If you change sims, the APN won't appear until you re-insert the sim card. You will have to create the APN again.
c. Click on the 'Menu' button on your phone (most phones have it right side while others have at the left side) and click 'New APN.
You can decide to edit the default one on your phone but I advise you create a new one in case you need the previous APNconfiguration again.
d. In the Name field, type any name you wish.
    In the APN field, type '' without the quotes and leave other fields blank. See the pix below for guidance:

(+234) 08130323710

e. Click the Menu button again and click 'Save'

NB: Make sure the new APN is chosen as default by selecting the option button provided.

Wish you good luck.

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