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Welcome here. I know you are here for a purpose, and I bet my balls you want to use the imei on your android phone so as to enjoy glo bis on your android phone. I also made a post on my blog here, click here if you don't mind going over the steps once more.

Getting a blackberry imei is now very very very easy. You don't need to scavenge for old discarded blacberry phones, all you need is an android phone (you can borrow if you don't have one) and an application.

Did I see that look on your face when you read you need and android phone and an application? Did you wonder what the two has to do with generating a blackberry imei? Yes, you read right and I made no mistake.

Now getting down to business.

                                                      HOW DO WE GO ABOUT IT?

Some genius folks have designed an application that can generate blackberry imei, but the partial bad news is that the application works only on android platform.
I came across this app courtesy of my pal Samuel Adeniyi, the ceo of techyantechsng and some other blogs.

And the name of the application is............................................................ BBGEN by Codeberg

Click here to download the application.

Oh!!! That look on your face again when you read 'download' again. No need to fear because the application is not even up to 1mb in size.

                                HOW TO USE

Install the application on an android phone. Don't forget to allow installation from unknown sources on the android phone.

After installation, run the application i.e. open it. Then click on the 'Generate Blackberry Imei' button as shown in the pix below:
And vooooila!!!! There you have your much coveted blackberry imei.

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