Wednesday, 11 December 2013


I have good news to tablet users. The good news is bbm can work on tablets. Many may wonder how this is possible and many will believe it is not true because Blackberry Inc. (the rightful owners of bbm) OFFICIALLY confirmed that bbm won't work on tablets and devices using below android 4.0.

So back to the matter, how do we get this done?

If you open google play store on your tablet and search for bbm, it will tell you the bbm app is incompatible with your device. So it won't be downloadable.
To get the bbm app on your device, look for someone who already has the app on his/her phone. That won't be hard as there are more tecno phones than people. lol

Simply tell the person to share the bbm app with you. Click this link to read my earlier post on how to share applications on android.

Next, let the person subscribe for a data plan and switch on his/her hotspot to share internet connection with you.

Then connect to his/her wireless connection through your wifi.

Click here for full details on using wireless network on android

After the connection is successful, open the bbm app and set it up. After setting up fully, you can disconnect your wireless network and continue flexing with your data balance on your sim.

NB: When setting up the bbm, make sure the date and time on your phone is correct. If it complains of date and time issue and you know the date and time is correct on your phone, switch off 'Automatic Date and Time' and 'Automatic Time Zone'  from your settings; and manually set the date and time. Use W.African time as your time zone.

You can also try the trick on android phones that use below android 4.0 and see if it works. I do not have access to any for now. If I do, I will try it out and let you know
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