Thursday, 21 April 2016


It is no news that MTN NG has blocked all cheats including the age-long bis plan and musicplus (both weekly free 150mb and the 150mb for #15). Now, people were wondering if there is any way forward afterwards.

I have good news for everyone as etisalat has come to our rescue.

I can't tell how long this cheat has been out. However, that is not important to us. What matters is we can still use it.

Hey you! yes, you!!!  Why are just coming? Well, you are lucky we just started. Now get settled down quickly and don't disturb the class.

Ok. Stories aside. Let us get down to business.

Please note that this plan is not suitable for heavy downloads. Also, it often disconnects and reconnect. Hence, it is not suitable for everyone.
Therefore, if you are cool with that, let us continue else please leave with no strings attached.

First make sure you are on easycliq plan.

Dial *244*3# to check your tariff plan
Dial *244*1# to migrate to easy cliq if you are on another plan.

Now subscribe for etisalat smartpak or socialme plan.

Weekly - dial *343*5*6# for #150
Monthly - dial *343*5*7# for #400

Weekly - dial *343*6*10# for #150
Monthly - dial *343*6*11# for #500

NB: I strongly recommend you go for the weekly plan. The reason is because it will get to a time when Etisalat would restrict the browsing speed. Hence, going for the weekly plan allows you to start afresh each week.

Or dial *343*6*10# special promo from etisalat. It costs #75 weekly. I can't confirm if the promo will work on all sims because I got the message on my sim yesterday.

After that, we need to go into the configuration. Now tighten your belt and concentrate. It is not difficult but you have to stay focused.

First, clear the proxy and port from your APN under your phone's network settings. By default, etisalat uses proxy with port 8080 on their APN. We need to clear those fields. Either modify the default APN or create a new one, however you wish.

Next, we need Psiphon app. I use the modded prolite version but whichever version you have will do. If you don't previously have the app installed on your phone, click this link to download.

Update: Use the Psiphon ProNet v10.10. I discovered it is more stable than the ProLite version. Download from here

See Also: Learn how to use this tweak on computer

After installation, open the app. Click 'Tunnel Whole Device'. Next, tick 'I trust this Application'.

Finally, configure your psiphon app with the settings below:
From the Handler Menu
Tick Remove Port
Proxy type: Real Host
Proxy Server:
Real Proxy Type: Inject
Real Proxy Port: 80
Clear other fields. Then save

Stop the psiphon as it tries to connect. You ask why? Well, we are not through with the configuration yet.

From the 'Options' tab, click 'More Options' as applicable to ProLite version OR 'ProNET Options' as applicable to the ProNet version.
Untick/ Unselect 'Connect Through HTTP Proxy'
See the pix below for more clarification

Finally, click 'Connect'. Please be a little patient. It takes up to 1-2 mins to connect. If it doesn't connect after 5 mins, trying changing the proxy server to or or
 If nothing happens after using the above proxy servers, please contact EFCC. Lol!

After successful connection, voila!!! You are ready to browse.

To learn how to use this tweak on your computer, please folloe the tutorial on this link.

But please compensate me because I spent a lot of money searching alongside much headache and time while for cheats and trying to tweak.

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