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Holy Mary!!! See the speed at which you opened this page as if you were told we are sharing dollars here. Anyway it is worth being on this page. Now settle down and don't disturb the peaceful class.
Let me guess,  you rushed down here following one of my earlier posts where I explained how to get free 150mb from MTN - Am I right?
If not, please quickly rush to that page and come back here on time because we won't wait for you long.

This application is good for those who can't or don't want to root their android phones to use Simple Server. In fact, I prefer this Psiphon Proxy to Simple Server on my android phone despite the fact that my phone is rooted and I have both Simple Server and Psiphon installed on my phone.

Note: Please note that your phone's android version must be Android 4.0 or higher OR else you will have to root your phone to use this application.

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Contact: (+234) 08130323710
 Now down to business. Let us move straight to the matter.

Step 1: Edit your existing APN or create a new one and set the proxy field to and set the Port field to 8080. Save your new settings.

Step 2: Download Psiphon Proxy android app from this link and install it on your phone.
Note: you must allow installation from unknown sources in your phone settings to install the app.

Step 3: Next open the Psiphon Proxy application and set the following fields:
If the Psiphon application is connecting after opening, disconnect it as we still need to input some settings

Click the 'Options' tab and select 'Handler Menu'
    Untick 'Show on Startup'
    Tick 'Remove Port'
    Proxy Type: Real Host
    Proxy Server:
    Real Proxy Type: HTTP
    Real Proxy Port: 80

Leave the remaining fields blank and Click 'Save'

Step 4: Still on the Psiphon Handler configuration, Click 'More Options' and input the following settings:

Tick 'Connect through an HTTP Proxy'
Select 'Use the following settings' and edit the following fields:
    Host Address:
    Port: 8080

Step 4: Switch on your data connection and click 'Start' on the Psiphon Handler.

To confirm if the Psiphon Handler is connected, there are three ways to do that viz
a.) The Psiphon will automatically open the 'Home' tab and load a page on it
b.) Click the 'Log' tab and read the last two lines. You must see 'Running in whole device mode' written
c.) Check the 'Stats' section on the handler, it will start reading some figures.

Then enjoy your browsing.

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