Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Today's lesson will be divided into two parts. We will learn how to take screenshots on all types of blackberry phones either the lower versions (bold, curve, torch, touch etc) or the much coveted bb10 versions (Q5, Q10, Z30 etc).

Let us start with the big daddys i.e. for those who use the higher bb10 versions. Sorry if that hurts anyone, no harm was meant neither did I intend to put anyone down. In fact, I use the lower version myself precisely blackberry curve 7. I hope to buy Q10 someday.
Ok, back to the main issue
Taking screenshots on BB10 devices is similar to that of android devices. I actually got this from a pro blogger friend, Samuel Adeniyi the CEO of techyan, techsng and meetsamuel blogs.

How to
Press the two volume buttons (i.e. the volume down and volume up buttons) and hold them down together for 2 seconds.

You will see an animation on your screen but no sound is played unlike the android versions.

For those that flex with the lower versions of blackberry, like me, you will need to use an app.
The apps that will enable you do this are:
1.)screen grabber (download here) or
2.) screen muncher (download here)

NB: There may be more but those are the ones I have confirmed working.

How to use:
When on the page you want to capture, press the blackberry menu button on your phone, then select the app's name in the options provided.
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