Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Following my earlier post on how to use etisalat bis on PC, you will need to create a new apn to enjoy this new trick. It has been blazing hot for a week now. You will agree with me that there are more android users than pc users. All thanks to Tecno phones.

Here, I will use Android 4.0 as example. Other versions will have slight difference but common sense and trial will see you through.

-Goto 'Settings'
-Click 'Mobile Networks'
-Click 'Access Point Names'
-If you have double sim in your phone, select the sim you want to create a new apn for. If not, continue to the next step.
-Tap the menu button on your phone. It looks like two rectangles placed on each other.
-Click 'New APN'
-Now enter the details of the new APN to create. Note it is not compulsory that you edit or enter values in ALL fields. Just enter the desired info you need in the right fields.

NB: Make sure the APN is enabled, or else you waste your time. See figure1 below

-Tap the Menu button again and click 'Save'
-To use the new APN created, select it from the list of APNs on your phone. See figure2 below

08130323710   BBM PIN:7C8F6CDA

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