Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to Download Videos on Youtube

Before now, I never thought it is a big deal to download videos on youtube until recently when someone argued with me based on what a computer analyst told him that it is impossible to download video on youtube. Are you kidding me? A COMPUTER ANALYST! a professional in the field of ict?!

I have done it so many times and can do it as many times as I want. I am not bragging please. For those who would like to do it, come let us roll.

Okay, without wasting so much time, let us go straight to business. But before we move on, you may wonder why it is so serious to download videos on youtube.

Well, the reason is because of youtube's policy that it is illegal to re-share other people's videos. So, there is no provision on youtube where you can download the videos except to watch them.

How then can we download the videos? Well, you can't do that from youtube's website nor from the app. All, we need is  third-party software or website which actually make it possible to violate the policies.

First of all, you need to go to youtube and search for the video you want to download.
Next, click on the video and copy the url link.

Downloading the video can be done in two ways viz:


This method can be used on pc (computer) only. Download the software here and click 'Save file' from the flying windows that appears. After downloading, install it  and you are good to go.

 Now, go to the ytd video downloader. The url link will be automatically pasted as shown
figure 1

Then, click the 'download' button and you are good to go.
figure 2

Watch the video on the tutorial here.

 After installing the ytd downloader, Mozilla Firefox will request to install the add-on which I would advise you to do. The reason is to make the job easier next time you want to download. All you need to do is just click the add-on on the toolbar and leave the software to do its job. See the encircled spot on top in figure1


You may wonder if it is possible to download the videos on your phones or tablets because not everyone has a pc to use. In fact, most people will prefer doing it on their phone.
The good news I have for you is that you are not left out.

All you need to do is go to youtube and copy the link to the video you want. How to do that will depend on your phone model. After you are through with that, go to clipconverter's website  and paste the video's link in the address bar on the page as shown below:

Note: Here you have to paste the link yourself unlike the ytd downloader.

You can decide to download directly or convert it to a suppported format and later download. For example, some videos are in flv format which can't play on phones after downloading. Hence, you need to convert it first to either mp4 or 3gp format.

Next, click download. From the next page, chooose the video quality you want as shown below:

Note 2: The screenshots used are taken from the pc version, hence the mobile version is a little different. But do not worry because you will find all the buttons on the moblile version page.

The two methods described above can be used to download videos from ANY site in case you don't get how to do it from the site.
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